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i was lucky enough to see alo on new years eve and i must say to date it was the best BY FAR new years i have ever had. the music was insanely awesome and the vibes were out of this world. i only hope that i will be treated with such hospitality and a special thanks to the band who are cooler than cool and to kabir who showed myself and my friend matt the time of our lives. hope to see you guys soon. WITH ALL THE RESPECT AND MORE, JOSH
josh <[email protected]>
santa ana, Cast usa - 01-8-04 3:56 PM PST
Nerijus Terebas Home Page, Perl scripts, Biorhythms, Lithuania links, WAP links
Vilnius, LT Lithuania - 01-7-04 1:30 AM PST
Sweet video clips!
chris pramuk <[email protected]>
- 12-3-03 5:46 PM PST
Saw Zach play with Jack Johnson last night at the Greek Theatre.....Where has ALO been all my life? Oh, the joy! Zach, you rock! Wanna teach me to play the piano? or the accordion?
kacia <[email protected]>
alameda, ca usa - 08-16-03 11:00 PM PST
check out www.invisiblecolorcompany.com derek astles . good folkin' country tunes
derek <[email protected]>
NH none - 05-8-03 7:14 PM PST
Hey ALO! I just had the amazing opportunity of hearing you and seeing you for the first time on Saturday in Santa Barbara. I just want to say that you have quickly become one of my favorite bands, seriously! It has been quite some time that a band I heard for the first time had made such a lasting impression on me. I found myself singing your songs in the shower. How can I obtain bootlegs of your shows? Is there a community of fans that have a site for B & P's? Please try to help me in this manner so I can turn people on to how incredibly talented you are. I feel that it is only a matter of time before you get the recognition you deserve. Peace, love & light sk
Seth Kirschner <[email protected]>
Santa Monica, CA USA - 04-21-03 9:38 PM PST
looking forward to our trip to sundance! hope to see some of our utah friends!
- 01-12-03 7:46 PM PST
So cal wants a piece of that!
Boom <[email protected]>
LA, CA - 11-7-02 3:43 PM PST
hey guys greattttttt music and great site, I have been trying hard to find your music thru all the interent and mp3 servers til I got to this site! and light came over !! definetly guys you would love to come over and play as well exchange with the music culture in central america there are several places you would love to know! thanks for your music and for your site!
la libertad, el salvador - 07-6-02 7:49 PM PST
Oakland Oasis gig great music great food great weather, what more could you ask for..Catch the tour.
The bikerider
SF, CA - 06-10-02 1:17 PM PST
Awesome show in the park on earth day! Did you guys play with Cool Water Canyon at all back in the day? just curious. Have a good one. -Brett
Brett <[email protected]>
Isla Vista, CA - Thursday, April 25, 2002 at 17:20:35 (EDT)
i thought it was pretty cool. not bad for some cats from iv. actually, it was dope. thanks for coming back and sheddin' some light. peace
clarke <[email protected]>
goleta, ca 93117 - Tuesday, April 23, 2002 at 19:19:42 (EDT)
eyes wide open, hands free, ready in the moment to be.
san francisco, ca usa - Wednesday, April 17, 2002 at 05:46:55 (EDT)
The best way to remember to the true truth, is through art. Artists are the best historians.
Art Wilder
- Tuesday, April 02, 2002 at 13:18:33 (EST)

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