Greetings and welcome to the deep and mysterious caves of lagmusic. This site is dedicated to documenting the history of lagmusic, that is, that specific type of music organized by the lag family and their cohorts. This over-ten-year musical journey has grown, blossomed, and wilted as does a pedal in nature... from their beginnings in Saratoga, CA to their adventures in Isla Vista to their discoveries in Augusta, GA to their BLAG across America and their crawl back to the womb.

You are in the right place if you are ready to be in on a classic adventure that probably has circled you in once already and if it hasn't yet, it is indeed destined to. Turn on your headlight, throw your hands forward, close your eyes for a lagminute (different than a real minute), and feel around. Allow me to recommend the music pages to start your session out right. You will find a plethora of mp3s available for your enjoyment as well as Pablo's own customized lagradio where you can get about one hour of continous streaming music so that you dont have to listen one at a time! You can also find a nice assortment of lagvideos featuring philms by our friendly CA native philm-maker Matthew Powers and gravy mastering from our friends at (we are looking forward to the birth of, on its way to support this part of the growing lagcommunity). lagits notso. There's plenty to go around. For the practical visiter, there is the beautifully bilingual events calendar to get the scoop on the next lagevent. And for the bookworm, the lag family has kindly archived a collection of tour journals, history notes, band bios, and musician bios (such as the "multi-orgasmic guitarist"), most of which you can get to through the about us pages. Leave a note in the guestbook. Email the Animal Liberation Orchestra. Try to find me, Ernesto Fealdt, only two levels deep. If there is anything we can do at any time, we are all pretty polite and hard-working and would love to assist. We would also like to officially welcome little Jaden into the lagfamily, who is due to be born any minute (though it might lag a little). I look forward to seeing more of you soon, maybe up at the High Sierra this fourth of July in Quincy, CA.

Peace out, Ernesto
Beirut, Lebanon 4-20-00

lag journals (in four parts):
Blag Across America pt.1, Summer 1998 | Blag Across America pt.2, Summer 1998 | ALO Sizzlin' Southwest Summer Tour, 1999 | ALO Winter Ski Town Tour, 2000

lag family tree 1989-1999 (the many branches)

lag history book (in six parts)